MBot Ranger blue tooth not found on IOS


For the first time in six months my son wanted to play with his mBot ranger again. He could not get it connected with any of our apple ios devices. Not a single one of them ‘sees’ a blue tooth connectable device. We have the MakeBlock Me Auriga v1.3.

Should I run an update or something? If so, how does that work/how do I do that?

Thanks for your help,

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Do you have a PC version of mblock5?


Hi Tinus,
Bluetooth is not detected? Did you tried any Android devices?
Please make sure battery is new or fully charged.
Check when connecting, is the Bluetooth module flashing?
If nothing get it work, the Bluetooth module may be faulty.
Please kindly send me a testing video here or to my email: stephanie.wu@makeblock.com
By the way, when and where did you purchase it?


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