mBot one motor only goes in reverse


When going forward or turning right on the left motor runs. When going right or reversing, both motors run. This is using Bluetooth. At this point, I haven’t got a battery for the remote, so I don’t know if the behavior is different working with the remote control. When I switch the motor connectors, left side motor will only run in reverse.

Any suggestions?



Make sure the connector is plugged in in the right direction


In this case there is an indexer and the connectors only can go together in the correct orientation.


@Gregg23 In theory yes, but I had seen it in this forum that people managed to insert it the wrong way


No worries, thank you.


I got the battery for the remote and the mBot does work properly with the remote. Has the bluetooth/iPhone app problem been resolved.


Hi Gregg23

Great job! Do you mean the mBot is working properly either when you control it with mobile APP now?
If no, please try reset default program for mBot with latest mBlock software 3.4.6,
Then on the iPhone, update the Makeblock APP to latest version either.


it’s working properly with the remote, but not the app. for some reason, the right hand motor only goes in reverse with the app.

I will update the software and let you know if it worked…