mBot not responding to Android App


Hello, my son just received an mBot but the app will not control it. At first it said to update the firmware, which I did from my PC. I’ve tried both firmwares available, the Online Version 06.01.107 and the Factory Version 06.01.009. The funny this is that when the USB cable is connected to my PC, but not connected via mBlock desktop app, then the Android app will contract the mBot. But, as soon as I disconnect the USB cable from my PC, the Android app will no longer control it. It says the firmware needs to be updated. Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on?



Hello Tim3, if you want to control mBot with App on your phone(Makeblock App), you will need to upgrade the mBot to factory firmware on your computer, and then restart it. Also, please make sure to allow the Bluetooth permission on your system for the App, and connect mBot in the App rather than the Bluetooth in system setting. If the problem remains, please take a video showing that how you operated and send to support@makeblock.com , we will help you via email.