mBot neo will not execute movement commands


Brand new mBot neo. Firmware updated. From Chromebook with latest software and the mBot neo device selected, I can get movement commands like “move forward” to work in the “live” mode. If I upload the program, disconnect, power off the mBot, remove the usb cable, power up, and select the program I just uploaded, the movement commands don’t work. Sound commands and screen display commands work. The LED strip on the CyberPi work. I cannot get the LEDs on the ultrasonic “eyes” to work either. It is like all CyberPi commands work, but nothing connected to the shield works.
Help please.


Hi miatateer:

Thank you for your feedback,the event block of move forward need a action or event to drive it,rather than click the button on your computer like other block.


I don’t understand. I have seen youtube videos where the code for a neo is a simple event, for example, “wait for button A” followed immediately by an mBot2 chassis command to move forward. And it works after uploading.


Hi there:

Can you take a picture of your program or code? as you can see,some of the event blocks are not available any more due to the consideration of bug.


I find the combinations of devices to be very confusing. I had been trying to use the mBot Neo device from the web app. I cannot get the Neo to move from a uploaded program. When I changed to using Cyber Pi with the mBot 2 Shield extension, I could get most everything to work. I added on the Ultrasonic sensor 2 extension and I could get the LEDs around the sensors to work. So what is the best? Are you planning to fix the mBot Neo device in the Device Library.


Hi there:

Actually Cyber Pi is the mainboard of mBot so it is naturally these extensions of mBot are in the list of

Cyber Pi extension.