mBot néo 2 extensions



I want to devellop an extension for the mBot néo.

Do you have tuto or guide for this model, I don’t found anything

Thank you for your help



Hi Pascal
you can click the option extension to create extension or add extension


No You don’t understand, I want to devellop on mBlock extension builder


Hi pascal

there are sprite extensions and devices extensions,click create extension,you can develop your own extension.


Choose your language and sign up


Yes it’s ok for that, but do you have an exemple or tuto to make an extension


I Don’t see where I put my code




Yes ok but I want to code with Cyberpi


You can select my device and follow the same steps then you can code with your Cyber Pi.


Hum Very sorry, but the Cyberpi board is not selectionned.

I code always with mBlock5 and arduino, it’s not my question I want to code for the cyberpie board

If you have a mext file for example ?


Cyber Pi is developed on Arduino and here is the demo,wish you have a good day.