Mbot mission


Hi there!!!
can someone help me with coding to follow the path and stop at the first obstacle 10 cm then find the way back to the right and stop forever at the second obstacle of 15 cm distance


Hi there:

Here is the example programs and tutorials,FYI.


Thank you makeblock.lindingxin at answer,
If is possible to tell me the code because im new at mblock and need some examples and practice
thnx again


Hi there:

you can click the option of picture and click device to get the example progarm for mbot as you see.

Mbot 2 Python Resources

Hi Nick

It looks from the image you show that you have mBot 1.1 not v.2 as shown in Makeblock’s reply. I’m not going to solve your puzzle for you, but you may find that downloading my book ‘mBot&Me - vol I’ from Makeblock Education may help (it’s a free download too) and if you are new to all of this then you will get a lot of useful help from reading through it. You can find the .pdf file at:



Thank you for material, very useful
It’s too important to me to solve this puzzle, and If you can do It would help me advance further
Thanks again

mBot2 demo programs + eudcational resources