Mbot infrared sensor problems


Good afternoon,

I am going to tell you about a problem I have with my mbot. I’m new qith this robot and I’m running into a lot of infrared sensor issues. I’m trying to do the typical line follower activity and also go ahead and stop when it finds a black line. I program it with the apps on a tablet.

The issue is that the program that stops when it finds a line sometimes works, many times it goes over the line without stopping (the lights on the sensor indicate that it does detect the line correctly). On the follower it never even works well, it always works as if it were delayed so it doesn’t work well.

I’ve searched the internet for the programs so in theory they are fine. If I use the remote to follow the line it works fine too. Where is the problem?

Thank you!


try a wider black line, minimum of 3cm


That’s not the problem. The same line with the remote control works well.


use the PC app and use it in down load mode