mBot .hex file


With microbit i can download .hex file and direcyly upload to card. For mbot starter iş ir possible without öpen mblock program can i upload codes directly in it like usb memory?


@ozgetasmanisa I’m not sure that you can, but I don’t think so. @CommandeR what do you think?


Hi @ozgetasmanisa & @Best_codes

Sorry, nothing to add. I’ve not used the micro bit & I don’t believe that direct upload into Orion’s flash memory (if that’s what you mean?) is possible.


@CommandeR @ozgetasmanisa I don’t think it is possible. I’m not entirely sure what you mean, though. Can you clarify a bit, @ozgetasmanisa, or give more info about your project?


@Best_codes @CommandeR i developed box game with mbot started supported. I could put 15 questions for box game because you mbot starter code limitation. I imagine that i will develop different questions versions and i want the people Who will use the game can download my different .hex files with different questions versions without knowing about mbot or mblock could upload new versions of questions to mbot


@ozgetasmanisa I’m still not sure exactly what you mean, but I’ll see what I can do this weekend. (I’m a bit busy right now, sorry). Thanks and good luck!


I just want connect with usb cable my mbot turn on it and codes file send to it without opening mblock program. I imagine this the people Who dont know to use mblock program. They download my mblock file and just right clik and send to robot. @Best_codes


@ozgetasmanisa Alright. I’ll see what I can do. :slight_smile: