mBot Firmware Question


Hello, just got the mbot for my kid today. He’s able to use it on the PC but not from the iPad. We updated the firmware as it said to do but when we try to connect to Bluetooth to the iPad we are getting a firmware error telling us to update the firmware.

Any known workarounds for this?

Update: I guess I was using old batteries. Once I put in new ones it connected fine

Edit: iPad is 9th generation. IOS is 17.5.1. Makeblock app is 3.9.0

Also, the button on top that changes modes isn’t doing anything


@Ergokneel I have had the same issue in the past. This info might help makeblock troubleshoot:

  • What generation is your iPad (e.g., iPad 12)
  • What iOS version do you have on your device (e.g., iOS 15)
  • What version is the makeblock app on your device (and can it be updated)?

Otherwise, there isn’t much you can do. Most of the other devices work fine for me, but not mBot. :frowning:


Thanks for getting back to me. I edited my original post with all that information.


@Ergokneel I did some looking; this is a common issue. Sadly, it appears to be a bug in makeblock. The makeblock app is supposed to be retired and replaced with the mBlock PAD app later this year, but there’s no guarantee there’ll be a fix until then. Sorry. :cry:


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