MBOT FACE LED PANEL (emoji panel) not updating from android app


My 12 year old was given the MBOT and some expansion kits. It worked for a day and then the the MAKEBOT MBOT APP (android) face updating stopped working. The face led panel is stuck with a random set of LEDs on.

Updating firmware using the PC Makeblock App did not fix the issue.

Is it a defective MBOT? Defetive faceplate? NO CODE or program is being done. Should I test this using the mblock programs?
Note that if we CODE A FACE it works.
But the app on android also has a thing for drawing faces.
That app drawing faces feature does not require me to input what the face is connected to (port 1,2,3,4).

mBlock BLockly works.
mBlock Makeblock non coding version of face maker feature is not working.


Did you try disconnecting the LED panel and reconnecting it?
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Yes. All that basic stuff.

Power off. Power on. Disconnect, reconnect, try different port try different cable.

Again, it WORKS FINE from the programming software just not from the non-programming app.

I am beginning to think it’s a bug in the android app that lets you draw a face and switch faces.


You are probably correct.


So my kiddo would like to be able to move the robot around with the remote and also have control over the face.

The default program has a bug where it doesn’t find and update the face panel, in the factory firmware, and the latest firmware and the default program.

With a non default program, the non default program you construct contains a parameter for the port to write the face to. In that case, my kiddo gets a face on his robot and can’t move it.

In the default program he can move it and it has no face.

Is there a version of the default program you can load and MODIFY your self to have at least the left right, forward backward moving the robot and turning it?

The moving part isn’t the hard part. It’s how do you get the -input from the remote using a user program?


It sounds like you might be talking about multitasking??
An mBot can’t multitask because it is based on an Arduino.
However, an mBot can run subprograms (see picture below):

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