mBot Default Program Not Working with Firmware v06.01.107


Just received new mBot. After using mBot successfully for most of the functions, the Default Program no longer functioned. All other operations and programming functionality appeared to be normal. Tried reloading the latest online firmware, v06.01.107, still did not work. Reloaded the older Factory Firmware, v06.01.009, and now the Default Program works. Using mBlock v5.1.0. Should I be trying something else to get the latest online firmware to support the Default Program modes?


Hello Dale,
I think there is no new or old version between online firmware and default program.
They are two different firmware for different function.
Online firmware: for online debugging. If we want to use mBlock 5 (.1) for “Line mode”, we need to update online firmware; Also for mBlock mobile App, (also the online mode), we need this firmware;
Default program: for default modes including obstacle avoidance mode, line following mode and IR control mode. If you want to use the three modes, choose the default program.

Hope that makes sense.


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