Mbot creating a Cat Feeder, ran into a blocker


Hi - my kids are and I are new to mbot and decided to make a cat/dog feeder using this tuturial (which is actually for rasp pi).

We have a decent start, but the problem i’m running into is when hooking up the dowel to the wheel (i tried a servo as well), is that the power is there but i “slips” when need to run hard to turn the dowel to release cat food.

I’m thinking if there is a direct connection to the axle of the wheel vs attaching to the wheel could help and ellimate the issue. Any thoughts or suggestions to help with this? thank you


Let me start by saying awesome project!
And also I don’t completely understand your question.

Do you mean the motor has enough power to spin the wheel?

I don’t fully understand this I think. Do you mean the connection between the wheel and the axle of your paddle wheel breaks/is not strong enough?

As I see it, in a way you already connect your paddle wheel directly to the axle of the motor. You only use the wheel of the mBot as some sort surface on which you bolted something. This ensures a stronger connection between the 2. I wouldn’t recommend a real direct connection to the motor if the motor is strong enough. Why if the motor is strong enough? Because ofcourse the wheel is some extra weight that the motor has to spin around.


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