Mbot connection issues



Having issues with connecting to the Mbot. I’ve tried both online and downloaded software with different versions, bluetooth and usb cable. Looking for the most reliable option to set up for my class.

Many thanks!


Sorry, with current information, I cannot locate the issue. Would you offer me more details:
The software you downloaded is mBlock 5.1.0?
When using USB connection, device is not detected? Would you take a video to show me the issue? My email address is stephanie.wu@makeblock.com, just send me via https://transfer.pcloud.com/.


Do you use Windows PCs? If yes:

  • Bluetooth connection is very unreliable (that is the fault of Windows, not Makeblock). Solution would be to get the Makeblock Bluetooth dongle, works like a charm and also supports offline mode.
  • USB cable works best if you always use the same USB port on the PC and write down which serial port that is in Makeblock. Trouble is that you can’t move the mBot much when it is plugged in.

Tablets (both Android and iOs) are pretty reliable too.


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