mBot connecting to Makeblock but not mBlock Blockly


I’m trying to use Blockly for the tutorials and missions, but it won’t connect via Bluetooth in the Blockly app. It tries to connect but never finds the mBot. However, it will connect fine via the Makeblock app on my Android. It also has varying success on the computers.

To summarize:
mBlock Blockly on Android = Will not connect
Makeblock on Android = Will connect
mBlock Blockly on iOS = Will not connect
mBlock app on Windows = Will not connect
mBlock app on Mac = Will connect

Does anyone have any insight into why this would happen?

Mblock blockly on chromebook

Hi there:

mBlock Blockly? can you take a picture for us,thankyou.


I am having the same problem too. This app will not connect to my mBot: https://www.makeblock.com/software/mblock-app


Hi there:

mBlocky has not been maintained for a long time because there are too few user,it may not compatible with latest version firmware of mBot,and BTW your mBot is mBot2 or mBot1?2.4G or Bluetooth version?please advise.


I have the mBot v1.1, Bluetooth version. On the back it lists mBlock Blockly as a way to learn programming by passing game levels.

But I cannot get my Win10 PC to connect via Bluetooth even to mBlock.


Win PC need to use the Makeblock Bluetooth dongle ranther than use the bulit-in Bluetooth


Where do we get this dongle? Nowhere on the box does it say that we have to buy another bluetooth dongle.

And why does it list Blockly as “supported” when it is not supported?


I’m sorry we don’t sell the Bluetooth dongle now,you can use your Mac,cellphone or tablet to connect your mBot seamlessly,but not the PC and laptop


About the Blocky our colleague said because there are too few users of mBot so they have stopped maintaining and update this app over half year


Ok. So the Bluetooth mBot does not actually work with Bluetooth. Wonderful. I’ll be sure to mention this in the Amazon review. Thank you.


Never mind,due to the safety consideration,as you can see Mac OS is much safer than Win,because Win is vulnerable to malicious attacks.consequently,Mac or Air can connect with mBot freely with built-in Bluetooth.


Thank you, but I’m not about to buy a whole new computer just to use this. You really should mention on the box that this only works with Macs and mobiles.



Our colleague said we can ship the dongle by Amazon for you please cilck the link below to buy it


And you can connect your mBot with your PC or laptop by USB cable to upload your codes


And BTW this link is for North America


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