mBot connect via bluetooth in mBlock3 but not mBlock5


I am able to connect mBot via Bluetooth using mBlock 3.4.12 but when i upgrade to 5.3 it won’t let me to connect. also i can pair device using windows. is this means 5.3 only support Bluetooth 4 why is that if old version can connect? any suggestion



I can use the dongle OK in mBlock 5 (& mBlock 3) it connects and works well in ‘Live’ mode but I am having problems connecting in 'Upload mode. If you have anything else connected to your serial ports like a printer, the turn it off since it will interfere with the connection. See my book for more on this (a free download) from:

https://education.makeblock.com/resource/?query=146&page=1 7

This tells you EVERYTHING and more!


i am using system bluetooth not dongle


You do need the dongle.