mBot computer connection issue


I am a teacher, and I have many mBots (about 25, all with Wi-Fi).

For some months now, some of my mBots (about 7) can’t be detected by the computer.
This means that the computer can’t see them, even though I can detect a functioning one with the same cable. When I plug them in, no new COM appears in “Device Management.” Strangely, I can connect via the Wi-Fi USB key, but the code that I create in mBlock (v5.3) does not work well. I have to try many times before the first action of my code works, and just the first block is actually executed (for example, “go forward for 1 sec”) and it repeats forever.

I’m worried that the motherboard is malfunctioning, but as I can’t connect my robot to a computer with a USB cable, I can’t reinstall the firmware.

Do you have any advice for me?

Thank you so much.


This sounds like a power issue - new batteries probably needed - what type are you using?




Thank you for your response.

Despite using a new battery from Makeblock, it doesn’t help. The robot is not detected by the PC when connected with the USB cable… And if I take the motherboard from the robot and place it on another chassis, the problem persists.
I even changed computers… same issue…



I have not known the USB connection on the mCore board to fail. - Have you tried connecting one of these ‘faulty’ boards directly to mBlock via https://ide.mblock.cc/ to attempt a firmware upgrade?


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