mBot Code Not Working


Hi! I am trying to get my mBot to switch between 6 different modes. Each of them work individually.
The modes are:
LLFM: Lighted Line Following Mode
NLLFM: Not Lighted Line Following Mode
LOAM: Lighted Obstacle Avoidance Mode
NLOAM: Not Lighted Obstacle Avoidance Mode
AOAM: Ambulance-themed Obstacle Avoidance Mode (I know it’s childish, it’s just to bamboozle my cat.)
AUTO: Automatic Mode Switcher (Automatically selects the best mode for the present conditions)
Can you help?
Thank you, Remiel Tan
P.S. If @Crackel and @Best_codes see this, I’m terribly sorry for not seeing your answer in my previous question. I wasn’t able to code (my laptop got reformatted) and got discouraged when all my code got destroyed. I haven’t visited this site or the mBlock 5 app since then. It has only been since today when I recovered an outdated version of my code, and tried to get it to work.


Also, I forgot to attach a sample of code. Here it is:


If you are using the onboard button or IR Remote to switch modes, your code should look something like this:

Better picture:

When the onboard button is pressed, the first code stops running and the second begins. However, since Arduino controllers like mBot can’t multitask, any “Wait 1 Second” Blocks or ones like them will ruin the code. If you want, I can show you an alternative code for “Wait 1 Second”.

Thanks for your time,


Hi remieltan0617,

Ok, I looked at the code you lost and there is only a small logic error.
OBBP = 7 should be =6. Otherwise, it’s not very serious but you will get the AUTO function twice.

Otherwise, everything is perfect except that you actually have a lot of code to redo…

Here is the principle but do not be discouraged…



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