MBot Calibrate Engines to Rotate +-90 degrees



I have the mbot starter package and used makeblock for commands like “turn left” and “turn right”. Sadly it does not turn -+90 degrees. It’s more like 100 to 110 degrees.

Anyway. Is there a way to calibrate the engines so that “turn left/right” actually turns about 90 degrees?



I don’t know if there is a way to calibrate but it seems to me that the battery power plays a role.

Maybe Makeblock will have a better trick.


There are so many factors when turning motors particularly friction/slip. The only reliable way to control turn is through the use of a Gyro and/or compass.

You could manually calibrate your setup on a specific surface - a turn of a specific speed for a specific duration that will give you close to 90 degrees, but it still won’t be that reliable I’m afraid.