mBot Bluetooth Question


I have the mbot and am trying to connect to the makebloc app on the iPad with Bluetooth but it’s giving me a hard time.

After some playing around and restoring firmware through the pc I found that I can connect to the makebloc app on the iPad, but only when the mbot is wired to the laptop. When I’m wired to the laptop I can control the robot with the iPad. When I’m not wired to the laptop the iPad won’t connect to the robot through Bluetooth.

I’m pretty sure I should be able to control the mbot with the iPad without needing to be hooked up to the computer.

I don’t even have to have the makeblock software up on my laptop, I just have to have it connected to my laptop.

Any idea what’s going on here?


@Ergokneel Strange.

Can you check these things?

  • The mBot is on when unplugged
  • The mBot is fully charged
  • The mBot CyberPi is connected to the mBot



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