MBot Bluetooth connection not working


Hi all,

My boy got the Mbot as a gift this year and we can’t get the bluetooth working.
I know this is a common topic and I’ve viewed past posts and searched the internet for steps to fix the problem, but haven’t been able to solve it.

  1. bluetooth light is blue and flashing. not solid, there is no one else connected to it.
  2. tried connecting with 2 phones, 2 tablets and 2 computers. None of them will connect or see it when searching for available bluetooth connections to pair with. I also have a Codey Rocky that pairs with everything no problem.
  3. I’ve tried connecting the mbot to the computer software and reinstalling the default software drivers on the mbot. Have tried the original default and the online versions
  4. i’ve tried taking the top off to see if the bluetooth chip on the mbot was not connected properly. From what I can see it appears to be fine.
  5. only time i was able to get the bluetooth to stop blinking and become solid was when i tried to connect it to the computer with the 2.4G wireless dongle connected to the computer. I was able to connect the mbot to the software via that route. however that doesn’t help with my kid connecting to it via the tablet.

does anyone have any ideas of how to get this to work or where we go from here?



hi chrisk,

I have a lot of mbot including one in version 2.4G I am outside the house and I do not have access to robots but my complehensuon is as follows. there are 2 versions of mbot. There is a bluetooth version for the majority of the world and a 2.4G version for schools and connectable to the computer. I believe the 2.4G version does not have bluetooth.

Makeblock will confirm if you need to add a bluetooth module.



Ahhhh, thanks Michel, I guess that makes sense why it wouldn’t work.
thanks for the response, much appreciated, I’ll try and get in touch with them directly to see if I can add a bluetooth.



hi this is just a guess but i will check on my feedback. For the module, it is a small plate which will replace the 2.4G. So, yes, Makeblock products always have a solution to every problem.


Yes I did some searching, looks like you can just get the bluetooth module. Should easily switch with the 2.4 chip.
thanks for the help.


Hi chrisk,

Indeed, you just have to replace the 2.4G module with a Bluetooth module. Keep 2.4G module, it is very convenient to use with computer. Now I have a DUAL MODE module and Makeblock seems to have SIMPLE MODE modules. They will certainly explain the difference and you will have me order the right one.


Hi there:

Please make sure you’ve bought Bluetooth version rather than 2.4G mBot,if Bluetooth version still can’t connect with your device please contact with seller or distributor to replace the machine