mBot - Bluetooth connected but code not executing


I brought a new mBot and am facing an issue which I need your support with.

Product Information: mBot - eCommerce version - with Bluetooth Dongle
Make Block Version: 5.2.0

From MakeBlock IDE, I am able to connect laptop with mBot device using bluetooth (Both with and without dongle). However the program is not executing. Same one liner program works when I use the USB cable.

Sequence of events:

  1. First time I used the mBot, I connected using Dongle and ran the programs (live) and they worked fine
  2. I saw there was a prompt to update the firmware which could be only updated using the USB Cable. And I did that.
  3. Post this step, the programs work on MBot only using the USB and not bluetooth. Please note there is no issue connecting MakeBlock with the device, it is just the program does not work.

Please help.


Hi Aadi,

When you update the firmware for the mBot, did you select the “Online firmware” or “Factory firmware”? If you want to program for the robot online with Bluetooth connection, please upgrade the online firmware instead of factory firmware, please kindly check.

Besides, please check if the mBot lacks power now? If it lacks power, then the robot can only run program with USB connection since it can get power through the USB connection, while with Bluetooth connection, it only gets the power from the batteries, so you may change totally brand new batteries or fully charged lithium battery (3.7v is okay).


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