mBot Bluetooth: a technical question


On the one hand, I’ve had no trouble at all using the official android Makeblock with my mBot. On the other hand, when trying to pair with the mBot via the normal Bluetooth interface it never works. So my question is:

Q: Why can the Makeblock app connect to my mBot via Bluetooth but “normal” Bluetooth pairing always fails, be it with a smartphone or a computer?

My main motivation is that I have successfully used Python for mBot with my Linux system Python for mBot, but only with a USB cable. Actually I have a followup:

Q:Is there anything special about the Makeblock Bluetooth Dongle or is it just a good Bluetooth Dongle?



I can only tell that in my case, it was possible to pair as usual. I am not sure if there was a dummy code required when the Android asks for it, it might have been 0000 or something similar.
I used it to transfer data between mBot and a custom app, see this blog:

So it seems to work in general, but there might be many issues causing trouble in your case.


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