Mbot - beeping in live mode


New to Mbot.

Connected via USB to update Online Firmware.
Opened sample program for commands online mode via USB

  • no issues, commands are executed properly.

Connected via Bluetooth.

  • mbot starts beeping and does not do anything…

Please help, what I am doing wrong?


Hi mbotParent,

I’ll reassure you right away. This is the correct behavior for the mBot.

Online firmware: Just a beep and it waits for your code;
Factory firmware: A little beginning music and a program pre-installed by default (like commands with the controller).

Conclusion: Factory to see the possibility and Online to start your own code.

Makeblock will intervene if I say nonsense.


Hi Crackel:

When connected via USB, the robot is working as expected, I used the sample tutorial program. Live (Online Firmware) + USB Plugged - Working
Live (Online Firmware) + Bluetooth - Continuous single beep.

I have tried changing to fresh batteries to see if this helps, but noop.


Made a video, which might help my problem better

link to my video


Getting the bluetooth to work can be a pain. I watched your video and see you repeatedly plugging and unplugging the usb and connect to the bluetooth. However you never seem to restart (turn off turn on) the mBot and mBlock. I have read posts where people said it’s mandatory to restart at least the mBot if you switch from usb to bluetooth. You could try this and also try to restart mBlock5.


Hi mbotParent,

I had never used Bluetooth with my PC. However, I was surprised to find that it works wonderfully for me and the Intel Chip for Bluetooth.

  1. I installed the Bluetooth Radio Driver the program from this: Guide
  2. Firmware Update for Online.
  3. I placed a block “Move forward at power 50% for 1 secs.”
  4. Click on the green flag

Thanks a lot … i have a new way to use mBot.


Since the BT module light is flashing it didn’t even connect,if it did it would be solid blue. Flashing means it is waiting for connection.


I also confirm that the blue indicator light must be fixed.


Hi.mBot Parent

This may be an issue with something else connected to your PC’s USB (like your printer) .

I documented this error with the BT dongle in my book ‘mBot and Me’ which you can download (free) from: https://education.makeblock.com/resources/res-mbot/mbot-and-me-or-to-be-accurate-mbot-and-us/