mBot Arduino Programming


Hi All,

I just posted a technical note that discusses the time-sliced music player I put on Github (link). The same principles can be applied to time-slicing just about anything using the ActionTimer that is also on Github.




How long did it take you to do the arduino programming?
I am a beginner and do you think I can learn the principles behind the code?


Well, to be honest it didn’t take that long but I’ve been working in C/C++ and embedded programming for the last 20+ years and I’ve worked with the Arduino since it first appeared. It’s something that anyone can learn to be honest.

In the book I’m working on (which is not really designed to teach C/C++), I use relatively simple projects to discuss how I approach programming in the Arduino environment. Any of the tutorials will likely be a good start although I usually point people to Simon Monk’s books (link), (link) because he covers a lot of the hardware issues as well. Additionally, spending some time on the main Arduino site (link) is well worth the effort.

The mCore board in particular is great for learning about Arduino programming because you don’t have to fiddle with a breadboard and discrete components to get started (although as you become more comfortable with the programming side of things I would encourage you to explore the hardware side using a breadboard and discrete components).


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