Mbot analog sensors


Hello, I and my son are starting to program on Mbot,
We are trying to use the analog sensors on Mbot.
We are using Live coding but it is not working at all !
I mean the robot is not functioning while we are asking him to avoid an obstacle for instance with the ultrasonic sensor … Idem for the line sensor, we could not use the “infinite black line drawing”, the robot is not following the line at all… We checked all the port already !
Are we able to use live coding and using sensors?
to be sure of this
we first want to get the value of the ultrasonic sensor on the Ipad screen, while using live coding. How to do this?
thank you!!!


We manage to get the values! I think our ultrasonic is just dead… It is sending weird numbers even our hand is on it…


This is how you would do it, although I’m not sure if it functions properly. You may be right, it could be a hardware issue. I suspect, however, that this is an issue with the mBlock software you can tell them about it through the feedback feature on mBlock:


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