mBot 2 won't connect with Bluetooth except to mobile app



I recently bought a mbBot2, but I couldn’t make it to connect properly via Bluetooth, except on Android. On Mac Intel, Mac M1, iPad and PC with Windows 11 mBlock 5 fails to connect to Bluetooth (also on Chrome without the desktop app): I understand from documentation that BT 4.0 and higher should work, Makeblock support basically says for anything than mobile you need their dongle…am I missing something?

Thanks for any clarification


@gane So are you using the makeblock Bluetooth dongle? Can you send a screenshot of the connection process? Thanks!


Nope, I don’t have the dongle, and from the docs I don’t think I’d need it.


Don’t know why the topic title is changed: we’re talking about BT connection, USB works on any device.


@gane Edit the title however you like, but make sure it is clear and informative.


I have the same problem. I can connect via blutooth to mbot2 from android app of mblock in my tablet.

I have a PC with windows mblock tool, USB dongle with bluetooth 4.0 (not official makeblock one). From windows bluetooth tool I can see and sync with mbot. In fact once paired, cyberpi makes a beep sound. But when I press “connect” in mblock tool, I cannot see any bluetooth option.

Am I missing anything? I don’t want to spend 25€ in makeblock bluetooth official dongle. My PC with bluetooth 4.0 is supposed to be able to connect to cyberpi wirelessly.


@belarmito Your PC can connect to mBot, but not mBot 2, with it’s built in Bluetooth. You can always use a typical USB Type C cable connected to one of your computer’s USB ports if buying the dongle is not an option.

When using a Bluetooth dongle, you need to use the official makeblock one (unless you are lucky and happen to have a dongle that mBot Neo will recognize).

Good luck!


oh, that’s sad. I cannot understand that mbot2, which is an upgrade of mbot, has less connectivity options. And also I could not read anywhere about that mbot2 does not have bluetooth connection from PC (without official makeblock BT dongle).

You say that if I am lucky I can have a non official BT dongle that works. Is there any known model in the market that works? Because after spending 200€ in mbot2 I cannot spend other 27€ in the official bluetooth dongle which simulates a usb connection…

I don’t understand why with android tablet I can connect directly through BT but not from PC, where you can even change BT drivers to make it compatible with several devices.

I can use usb cable, which is what I have been doing until today. But I think that every time y work with mbot2, I need to upload different versions of programs constantly, which means connecting and disconnecting cable several times. I guess that is not a good idea for cyberpie’s usb connector and for the battery after months. Am I right?



The reason that the App can connect via Bluetooth is because Android and most tablet OS Bluetooth functions are much easier to access via and app without many permissions needed. I’m sure there may be a way to do it through a PC. I’ll look into it and see what I can find.

@belarmito Sorry for the rush, but I have to go. :slight_smile: I’ll help you more when I get back. Good luck!


being able to access via bluetooth from a PC would be great.

In fact, mbot2 has wifi capabilities. It is strange why there is no way to connect and upload programs from mblock tool from a PC connected to wifi network.


Uploading codes via Wi-Fi would be very hard because the Wi-Fi is, if you will, an external sensor. So when a code is in the processes of being uploaded and the bot is reset, then the code would remain unfinished in the uploading process. @belarmito

I’m really busy so I haven’t found at much else. :slight_smile: Good luck!