mBot (2) Neo unable to update firmware


Hello, I am in need of some help concerning the current functionality of my mBot (2) Neo. (Product Model: MCP-K06-01)

I am a high school student using the provided robots by our school. I was able to update my bot and everything just fine, the only issue is that for whatever reason I can not update the firmware or upload anything I make using mBlock. I have been looking at all the forms and have yet to find a solution. Please message me if you need anymore information, screenshots, or videos of what happens when I go to do any of these processes.

                                                       Thank you, Karissa.


Hi Karissa:

Please fully charge your mBot neo and then connect it with your mBlock 5 select upload model click connect and make sure you’ve updated your mBlock and mBot firmware to latest verison,and use another USB cable if it still can’t work,thank you.


And do remember turn the mbot on when you want to upload the codes


I tried using another cable and the issue was the same, I get this response every time I try to update the firmware.


I have already done the update for the cyberpie by giving it wifi. And I have had the bot on when trying to update it.

After I get the error in the image above, the device disconnects and the cyberpie and bot become unresponsive. I then I have to unplug the USB cable from the cyberpie and turn off the bot and then turn it back on to get it to unfreeze.


I was able to fix to it


Hi Kalli:

I have a mBot2 for daily testing it has the similar problem the Cyber Pi everything works fine but

my mBot2 can’t update the firmware whatever I try and stuck in error of updating,so it might be the

problem of mainboard,we suggest you contact with distributor or seller(warranty 1 year,part of

components 6 months)


Check this out,