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I am trying to familiarize myself with Python. Unfortunately, I am having a few problems in doing so:

The First Problem:

Under Example Programs there is an example program “(EN) Guess Number”


When I start this in live mode, almost nothing happens:

The button “Run” becomes “Stop”, but nothing else happens.

How can I enter my number? With the keyboard?

When I start the program in upload mode, the following error message appears:

Actually, I would expect the text to appear in the terminal window.

What am I doing wrong?

Tomorrow I will write about a second problem.

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Hi phg1,

The example is a standard python program example, you can run it even without connect the robot. Please see the test result below:


Hello tech_support,

thank you for your reply. Your screenshot shows exactly what I expect.
However, it doesn’t for me, unfortunately.

What surprises me: In your case, the RUN button seems to be blue.

When I press it, it turns red and is labeled STOP. The terminal window remains empty

Is it maybe because of my WINDOWS version ?


Here is my Screen:

What can I do?


Dear phg1,

When the program run, it is red stop icon. The previous picture was taken after finished running.
Please refer to the one below:

For the issue on your side, could you try update the mBlock software to latest version 5.3.5 and check again?

Besides, what is the other info of your computer like memory info?


Thanks for your answer.

In the meantime I tried the folloowing:

  1. Under Windows 7 on the same machine: No problem! It runs like expected
  2. Compatibily-Mode: Windows 7 and Windows 8: Same Problem
  3. New Installation V5.3.0 and V5.3.5: Same Problem.

Now I will try with a virtual machine. But in the past I had problems installing that.
And I will try to reset the machine.

Do you have other hints?




Hi phg1,

You mentioned that under windows 7 on the same machine, it works. Does the same computer has different operating systems?
Then windows 7 and windows 8 the same problem. The same problem on the other two computers which are windows 7 and windows 8 respectively?

On the two computers which not work with the program, could you right click on the computer icon->properties and take a picture for that page?


Hello tech_support,

thank you for your answer.

Regarding your questions: There is a single PC. On this one, both WINDOWS 7 and WINDOWS 10 are available as DualBoot.
As I said, under WINDOWS 7 Python works fine.
I have now installed VMWare Player under WINDOWS 10 and also installed WINDOWS 10 as a virtual machine there. Python works fine there too.

If you right click on the mBlock5 icon on the Desktop in the Host-Computer, the following window appears under “Properties”:

If you click on “Compatibility” you can choose the Windows version. Neither under WINDOWS 7 nor under WINDOWS 8 Python works in mblock !

What do you mean by “computer icon” that I should right click ?


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