mBot 2.4G


Hi Makeblock,

it should be a detail but I can’t use my mBot 2.4G robot

  • Windows 10
  • mLink2
  • mBlock 5 online

When I connect in 2.4G, it works but it displays “Update”.

When I connect to USB and I put one or the other firmware to then return to 2.4G, there is always: UPAPTE.

How to use the mBot 2.4G ???


It seems your mBot haven’t connected well with mBlock 5,you can follow below steps to connect:
1.Plug white donge to your computer
2.Press the button on 2.4G module to make the blue light fast blink,until the light stop blinking and keep light up all the time.(If your 2.4G module haven’t connected with the white dongle before,then it will need some time to connect it,you can try for some times)
After the blue light can light up for a long time,then you can connect it with your mBlock 5.

Aside,2.4G module connect with white donge doesn’t have any request on the firmware.



Thank you for your post, it allowed me to reflect on the problem. I had mixed an adapter because I have 2 mBots of this type.

Conclusion, there is no problem. All functional fine;)



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