mBot 2.4G version not working


I have 20 mBots (2.4G version) for a coding club - half the mBots are not working :confused:

All the mBots have had the firmware upgrade and have worked previously. Some of the mBots have a blue flashing light on the 2.4G module which won’t stop and the LED lights are white and red. I have tried reinstalling the firmware (but it will not upgrade) and I have tried resetting the mBot to a default setting (it won’t).

I’m not really sure what to do - any help would be much appreciated!

Other info - we use Mac laptops with the latest version of Makeblock downloaded.


Hi LucyK,

May I know the issue is the wireless 2.4G for some of the mBot can’t be connected to paired to the its 2.4G USB dongle? Or the issue is that upgrading firmware and reseting factory default for mBot always fail?

For the phenomenon that LED lights are white and red,a video to record this would be helpful, thanks!


Thanks for responding so quickly :slight_smile:

The mBots are connecting to the laptops with its paired USB dongle - on the clip you will see that the green dot appears under the Robot coding blocks.

The mBots have all had the firmware upgrade and were working previously. Now when I turn on the mBot, there is a flashing blue light on the 2.4G module along with the red and white led lights. The mBot seems to connect to the laptop and stay connected but it is stalls the computer and the coding will not work.


Apologies - the video clip would not upload properly so I have attached images instead.


Hi LucyK,

If the Blue LED on the 2.4G wireless module keep slow flashing, that means it hasn’t be connected to the 2.4G USB dongle. For this issue, please refer to this document to pair the 2.4G wireless module to its corresponding USB dongle again have a try.21. Some sets of my 2.4G mBot have lost the pairing relations which lead to mixed together, how can I pair each 2.4G module with its 2.4G adapter again.docx.zip (10.4 KB)

Once still the same problem after paired them again successfully, please kindly send a video to show the issue via the large file transfer website pCloud transfer. My email address is Daisy@makeblock.com