Mblok Laser on all the time


My issue is that the Laser on my machine will not turn off. As soon as power (12volts) is applied the Laser has output. I can disconnect the Laser and run the machine and it performs perfectly. I apparently have no control over the Laser output nor does the program. The output appears to be on full with no reduction. Any assistance or solution for this problem would be greatly appreciated!


Hi, would you please contact makeblock@support.com? Or send me a video about the whole issue?


Would it be safe to video a Laser running constantly? I could disconnect the Laser and demonstrate the plotter working. As stated in original topic the Laser does not shut off and has output as soon as 12 volts is applied. The program isn’t able to control the on-off function , soft focus, or power lever adjustments. If I need to I can make a filter for the camera so I could film it if you really think it is necessary . Thanks in advance for the help in this matter. To me it appears to be a bad board (controller). Can I buy just the control board?


I’m sorry but this email address didn’t work from my mail system. (makeblock@support.com) comes back as undeliverable. I have no idea why as it looks like a good address to me!


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