Mblock5 with maker platform ranger extensions issue



I have added the maker platform ranger extensions. I found several new blocks, but I am concerned with :

encoder motor onboard motor “port” “clockwise” rotates by " " degrees at speed of " " r/min

I have several questions:

  1. Is there some documentation for explaining those new blocks?
  2. I assume that the above block controls the Ranger motor encoder, as I got the ranger moving with this block despite that the path shows that I lack the block understanding.
    a. Why “port” not “slot”?
    b. what is “clockwise/anticlockwise” for? how it differs from writing a negative value in the degrees field?
    Thanks, Sherif


Hi Sherif,

Thanks for reaching out. I’ve consulted relevant personnel and we have the plan to launch the documentation for this extension around the end of February. For your specific questions, I will transfer them to him and get back to you then.