Mblock5 vs Mblock 3 missing events for Mbot


Hi all new to forum and makeblock in general,

Recently I bought a Mbot and I’ve been trying out some of the features and standard functions and it works quite nice. But now I want to drive it using my keyboard and here something strange happens. I watched some youtube videos for inspiration and how to make nice automatic turns but when I went to Mblock5 a lot of the events and robot controls were missing??? For instance Mblock 5 only has the “When space key pressed” event and the “When space key released” is not there? Am I doing something wrong or should I download something extra?

The videos I watched were also of older versions of Mblock so I tried downloading these and there they do appear and work. I also tried saving my project in V3.4.12 and opening it in V5.3.0. But when I do in V5 it just shows the “when space key pressed”.

So my question is: Is this supposed to be this way?
If yes: Why? Why delete features in newer versions of the software?


Hi Atinbom,

You are perfectly right. The “When space key released” would be a really super facilitating event. In mBlock 5, I use the remote control and press once in the desired direction. I think holding the button would be good with young people.

Here is a code that is not too good, but it works a little.

Note : It lacks a bit of responsiveness


Hello, please click the extension and search “scratch”, then add the “mBlock 3 blocks”. Then you will see the blocks that you mentioned above.


Thank you very much!


Hi Makeblock et Atonbom,

It’s too easy and thanks for the solution.

Works great and it’s more responsive.


Hi Atonbom

You need to download a copy of my book ‘mBot & Me’ from the following link:

You should find this a really useful guide to mBot & mBlock 5.

Lindsay Rooms


Thx for all the replies. I already came across your book, looks very nice!

But I already moved on from mBlock because it isn’t suitable for the things I wanna do. It was nice for getting to know the robot a little and as introduction to arduino programming.

Right now I connected a NodeMcu v3 ESP8266 to the mBot and use a Python script to send serial commands.

Also built a Discord bot to control the mBot. I will upload this code probably somewhere this week for who is interested.

Next step is implementing localization, orientation and navigation via a ceiling mounted camera.