Mblock5 upload mode broadcast extensions


Hi, I’m an extension developer for Orangeboards an arduino compatible board.

Currently, there is an issue adding upload mode broadcast extension on Orangeboard device.

When a user setups Mblock5 for the first time and adds an Orangeboard device, upload mode broadcast extension doesn’t show up instantly.

(this picture shows the first execution of Mblock5 with Orangeboard, and there is no upload mode broadcast extension)

In order to use the extension, the user must add ‘Arduino’ first and download the extension. After that,in the other devices such as Orangeboard, the user can use the extension on Orangeboard freely.

If this process is done by once, there is no more issue using the extension on Orangeboard.
However, me and my team use Orangeboard with educational purposes, there are so many chances for people to setup Mblock5 for the first time and get through this issue. So this issue is pretty critical for us.

So I wonder if this issue could be solved in the future.
I’m looking forward hearing from you soon.



I have an error using the extension upload mode broadcast.
As seen in the image there is no python programming for this extension

I have reviewed tutorials and they work with this extension, I don’t know how to solve the error. I’d appreciate your help.!