Mblock5 Online / Issue for connection in China?



I like very much the new mblock 5, but I have trouble making in it work where i live, Shanghai China.
It doesn’t load anymore since a few weeks/months.
No problem when i am trying when abroad (but no time as on business trip!)

[i am suing the linux version, with mlink and Google Chrome]

Is it a mblock5 specific issue or a connection issue or something else (linux?chrome?)

Thanks in advance


Hi, you mean you use the same laptop with the mBot, but it doesn’t load when you in Shanghai?



Yes, that’s what i mean.
Issue started around October…

Thanks for your consideration


Hi, which website do you use? Have you tried to force refresh the page?



  1. I used the website

  2. It did work this morning after waiting 10 minutes and asking 2 reloads.
    It could just boil down to “turn the browser off and on again / try to reload a few time”

  3. On another computer (macOS) with which i can connect differently from China, it was much quicker to load & work.

So, it should be OK and considered solved. Thanks for your time