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Hi, foryears i have been working with arduino and now i started working with scratch and mblock with the kids of the foundation. The extensions for arduino sensors are great but it would be much better if i could build them by myself to suit the lessons. I have been trying to understand the documentation but that did not work out well. Is there anybody who succeeded in making one and would be willing to teach me how to. For your time i am also willing to pay since this is a problem i really want to solve after all these times.

thanks in advance!


Hi qalbic,

Your post is super interesting. I had started an extension in order to facilitate the workshops. However, I got stuck on some things. There is a lack of information in French or a clear process in English. So I decided to explore a simple extension which can become complex. This extension works with a laser sensor, led or buzzer and would serve as tutorial A…Z

I would be interested in following your post … Good luck … I will try to make my work available.


thank you very much! right now i have figured out some things. one major issue i am facing is that i dont know how to make a block that will return the measured value


Hi qalbic,

I started an extension for the morse code. I have a few blocks to complete but need to be improved. With this example, I want:

  • Learn how to make global variations;
  • Add invisible functions;
  • create code for LIVE mode;
  • Read values

I will move forward slowly … and if some desire to participate … he is welcome …


Hi qalbic,

My explanations and my code was not great.
Here is a button reading.

knx_morse.zip (39,6 Ko)


Hi qalbic,

I will improve the code but the functionality is slowly being added.
knx_morse.zip (40,5 Ko)


mBlock 5 Extension: Set block value to arduino/C value

Hi everybody, I am quite a noob in mblock but I find a very interesting youtube channel that learn me a lot of stuff. The link is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS5IO6mrq85Z8wJOd5zBghQ
Tecnologia En Bloques - is in spanish , for me is not a problem because I am italian, this guy is a pro in teaching very clear and complete, every argument is explained in a very comprehensive way.
I don’t know wat you want to do when you say return the measured value, but this guy explain even how to connect arduino with a googlesheet if you want to process your data with your pc or even other devices over internet.


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