mBlock5 and windows 10 No permission


We have student accounts that are limited. Using mBlock5, the program will start but neither the connect button or the close button does anything. Running application as admin works with no problems. As these are student devices, I am unable to run as admin. There are no errors that appear, no warning nothing, the connect button just doesn’t do anything. Same happens when pressing the X close button.

Mlink works, connects and I can upload using a student account. Only problem is there is no option to save locally as students cannot create accounts.

have large number of these devices and would love to get them working in our PC lab. Any help would be greatly apreciated.


I feel confuse for your problems,can you help share a video send to this mail address for better understanding your problems: support@makeblock.com ,I will be in that mail to help you fix your problems accordingly.


Hi Sliverin,

did you try this option in the menu, maybe it could satisfy you ?


I am in an education environment. Students log into Windows 10 Laptops and PC’s. When they run mBlock, the connect button will not do anything. Clicking it does nothing.

Running app as admin and clicking “Connect” will bring up the port selection. Also when trying to close the app when a student starts the program will not work.
closing it when run as admin works.

I successfully deploy Mlink and can connect to the robots using that and the web version of mblock. Ideally would like to use mBlock5 but this problem is just making it to hard. As you understand, making this app always run as Admin is not possible / recommended.

As mentioned by #Crackel . Save to Computer does work and could used temporarily. We just don’t want to rely on internet connectivity to use mBlock.


you can check on this link to fix the issue