Mblock5 and CyberPi Bluetooth not working


Hello, I want to use mBlock 5 in version 5.3.5 to programm a mBot 2 with a CyberPi.

I use my own USB-Dongle and installed zabbig on the dongle to install the driver.
This worked so far.
In mBlock5 I can connect the software the cyberPi. When I click the connect button, then cyberPi makes beep and the blue lights are flashing.
So the connection is done.
Now I want to start the livemode and try to “say hi” when the green flag is pressed, but nothing is happen.

Where is here the mistake?

Beste regards


I just saw then even the cyberPi shows the small bluetooth symbol next to the batterie. so I think the mBlock is realy correct connected.


hi Holama,

can you say more about zabbig because i managed to make my pc work in bluetooth but i would have other laptops to do … and i would like to see how you do it.


Hi holema,
Do you connect cyberpi to mBlock with other bluetooth dongle? In this case, I am afraid it is difficult to ensure fully compatibility even though it connects. Could you connect cyberpi to computer with USB cable to test?
If you want to use the bluetooth connection, normally, we suggest that use our bluetooth dongle to connect our Bluetooth device to the computer. As you know, there are various Bluetooth adapters on the market, it is difficult for us to guarantee full compatibility and stable connection, that’s why we developed our ownBluetooth dongle which support almost all of our products to ensure the application experience.



I have a Doogle Makeblock and it works really well. However, I have 24 mobile computers with Bluetooth and it is quite expensive when it is a hobby. I stay tuned for solutions because I am currently using a USB cable.

Thanks for the suggestion …


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