mBlock with Fire HD 8


Three grandkids got Fire HD 8 tablet’s for Christmas from Santa and an mBot apiece (mBot Neo, mBot Ranger, and mBot Mega) from Granddad. Mom downloaded MakeBlock to control bots via Bluetooth and tablet. We downloaded mBlock in hopes of programming with tablets. Two questions:

  1. Is there a way to connect/hardwire the tablet to the mBots? The Tablet does not have a “standard” USB port but does have a “charging” port that apparently connects to a standard USB wall plug.
  2. Should the “window” on the tablet show up as the same format as I see on my PC desktiop or laptop? All we saw were the blocks column and the “working/programming” area (I’m not familiar enough yet with nomenclature, but the area to the right where the blocks are placed to develop a program).


OK, found the nomenclature! Seems the missing area is the “Stage area”. The “Block area” and “Script area” are visible on the tablets.


Just a recommendation…
If you have any more problems, try mBlock online:


Well, actually, the problem is still there – I just was able to clarify the nomenclature. The Block area and Script area are visible on the tablets, but the Stage area was not showing. Since that part includes the connect, update firmware, selection of which mBot, etc., it seemed to be pretty important.

I’ve had good success with online responses and will try again. However, I figured the forum might cover more people and hopefully some that have used a Fire tablet.



Does your screen look like this? (on ide.mblock.cc):

If so, click the “…” symbol:


This should appear; uncheck the “Hide stage” option:



Exit the settings:


Now, your screen should look like this:


Well, sure! That makes sense. Since I don’t have the tablets in hand, I forwarded to a very busy mother. But I’m pretty sure that will work. Many thanks.


:grinning: Great!