mBlock Web upload problem


I created a new device with the extension builder. (arduino board)
With mBlock PC, there is no problem, the connection and upload are OK.

But on Web version (with mLink), when I try to upload my program, the upload bar still at 0%.
No problem on the connection and processing code.

Any Idea ?

Thank in advance

[EDIT] : I made another simple test creating a new device (without library).
There is no problem. Maybe the problem can be caused by a device with many library ? (bigger file)


Hello techno.guy, I forwarded your screenshot and was told there’s nothing wrong in it. Can you send me the extension to us so that we can test for you? You can contact us via support@makeblock.com



After several tests, I resolved the problem.

In my extension I use libraries for several components (like OLED display, DS3231 clock and Dallas Temperature sensor).
Those libraries use sub-libraries (SPI.h, HW_AVR.h and OneWire.h).

I don’t know why, but I resolved the problem by changing the directory path of those sub-libraries. I put HW_AVR and OneWire directly under src\ path instead src\avr\ or src\util.

About SPI.h library, I need to use compiler native library by setting the include like this :
#include <SPI.h> instead “SPI/SPI.h”

I don’t know why, if I define my own path library (with sub-folders) the upload don’t work with mblock webmode while that’s OK with mBlock PC…

Hope that will be helpful for other developers !