mBlock to Excel


Hi All

Has anyone tried using the Microsoft Excel add-in ‘Data Streamer’ to connect to mBlock5 and transfer sensor data?

Unlike the Arduino IDE, mBlock has no Serial Monitor of its own and output data streams cannot be seen within the software.

Has anyone written the Arduino code in the mBlock IDE & if so, how? - any examples of your code would be greatly appreciated.




After three weeks, this post has only been read approximately once a day - so is no one interested in this topic?

I did expect some feedback about the experiences of others, but none have been forthcoming…

…Excel’s add-on is brilliant! not only does it show the data stream output from sensors very easily, but Excel can also be used to control a Makeblock robotic mainboard by sending serial messages that can activate lights, motors (whatever) according to the messages input from Excel. N.B. it has taken me a couple of weeks to solve this last part (using Arduino C in the mBlock IDE). Shown below is the (very) simple interface I created for mBot Ranger input / output. The three circles are simple buttons that have macros attached them which send signals to the Auriga board turning the LED ring ‘Red’ ,‘Green’ or ‘Off’. The simple graph moves horizontally in real time as the distance sensor values change.

I am currently writing-up my notes on my experiments so far.



The subject is super interesting but the forum is dead. Makeblock, should have hired in active moderator. I wrote a question, several days ago and I have no answer.

I wonder where the community is…

Good luck…


Thanks Michel

It is a very pertinent topic - I’ll send you my notes on this.



Ill see if I can make an extension!


Thanks for the response. For the benefit of the Forum community, here are some of my notes on this topic:


Awesome! Thanks for sharing! Also, the Google sheets extension combined with upload mode broadcast may do some of what you want.