mBlock LED brightness control in Ranger?


HI there,

The mBot Ranger has 12 LEDs on the top that can create a brilliant array of colours using the mobile app. However, does anyone know how to change the brightness of those LEDs when programming in mBlock?

I want to swirl through the colours of the rainbow using Ranger and an mBlock program starting at red, then pink etc, but I can’t get pink. I need to reduce the brightness I think? (less white light). I’m using Photoshop to pick up the RGB colour combinations, but they don’t come up the same on the Ranger when I put the numbers in on the program. Or am I missing something here. Everything is properly uploading. I’ve updated firmware etc, but the program just gives only subtle variations (too white/bright). Not the same as the mobile app.

Any suggestions appreciated!

PS: OK, worked it out by process of elimination. Bit of variation between Photoshop and mBlock. Still can’t work out how to dim the LEDs though? Does mBlock include that or would that need Arduino amends?