mBlock Extension Builder preview bug - previewing an extension loads the first version, not the latest


When I preview my extension, the extension displayed is the first version I had previewed, even after some modification.

The way I found to go around this issue is to change the id of the extension, but it doesn’t allow me to save my programs for the simple reason that I create a new one each time like that.

When I get back a previous ext id I used, the previous version that I previewed earlier is still previewed instead of the last one.

I also tried exporting my extension and re-uploading it but nothing changed at all.

Finally, it is not a bug from my browser, because using another one and using my own phone made me still preview the first version instead of the last.

Is there a way to change it, or it is a bug on your own? Thanks for your help!

Kaki In

@Best_codes @makeblock.lindingxin @makeblock.cc


@KakiIn Known bug, sorry. The issue has still not been fixed yet.
A workaround is to change your extension’s ID each time you preview it. If your extension is already published, that will cause issues, though. :confused:


It was only to present better a code that I wrote in python and cpp, but the problem is that everytime I made a mistake in the extension, I could not save my project, because changing the id made it unfindable.

But in that case, if I need to change the id to publish my extension with some updates,

  • or every creator of every mblock scripts will have to change their script and the extension they used
  • or they won’t have access to the updates

and so it seems to be critical, doesn’t it?


@KakiIn, yes it is a critical problem. Maybe if we all contact mBlock about the issue, they will listen… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’ve reported it already, been a while, and it is still not fixed. I’ll ask again today.


Thanks for all! Have a nice day!


No problem, you as well!