mBlock Community


Have you heard of the mBlock community?
It’s a place where you can share your coding projects with the world!
Browse coding projects here:
If you have a Google account, you can sign in easily! However, due to some glitches in mBlock, it can be complicated to create an account.
If you have an extension builder account, sign in to the community with it here (if you don’t, follow the same link but click the “Signup” tab):
Then, when you are signed in or signed up, you can:
Browse and give feedback on projects at https://planet.mblock.cc/projects#type=projects&order=trending&tab=all
Create and share projects at https://ide.mblock.cc/
Make extensions at https://ext.mblock.cc/
And much more!
Don’t forget to look at me on the community! (Click here)

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