Mblock + Codey Rocky PC NO PRogram


HI, I bought tthe Codey for my granddaughter long time ago, only now we have found time to start with programming (I would like to add, that I am a (database) programmer,and also do a little arduino programming). But, hey, this is made for Kids , so one shouldn’t need to be an engineer to solve problems??
Installed latest Version of mblock (V5.1.0.exe)

In short what works: 1) Connecting to Codey
2) Calibrating color sensor and gyro (At least I get an ok message)
3) Firmware update, bit only 1 time ! (the version compatible with makeblock app)
4) Uploading code (at least I get an OK message)
Here now what does NOT work (I did not experiment with Apps/wireless until now!)
I followed some simple tutorial for code generation

  1. Codey does NOT exectue in LIVE Mode
  2. Codey does NOT execute after upload !!! (also not after disconnect/repower/buttons)
  3. Firmware update doesn’t work anymore, neither makeblock compatib
    le, nor newest version, restart doesn’t help


Hi pilgrim6588,

I have the same behavior with the version:

But with the latest firmware: 23.01.010

version 5.1.0. Everything is functional.


Yes, if we try to code in mBlock 5 software, we choose the latest firmware-1; if we use Makeblock App (mobile device), we choose the firmware-2; If we use mBlock App on mobile device, we also use the firmware-1.


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