Mblock Blocky - level 6.2 (french version)



I am using mBlock Blocky on Iphone 7 to drive a ranger:explorateur. French version.
(there is a wrong translation on 4.7 it is written “tourner à gauche”, the right translation is “tourner à droite”, otherwise the validation to the next steps is blocked)

My problem :
I am training with tutorial 6 - conditions
Level 6.2. is asking us to test the sound sensor : Ranger goes forward, and if a sound (clap with hands) is detected then stop the ranger. The solution is a 4 lines code :


but when I launch the test and make a sound (clapping my hands) nothing happens (the ranger does not stop).

I do not know if there is a problem with the señor or the code or something else …

can you help ?




Thanks for your good suggestion, but very sorry for that the mBlock Blockly is an older software, may be there is no more updates in the future, so the English version will be a better choice for you at present.

And for your problem, you can try to test your sound sensor like the screenshot shows:

Please note that you should choose the corresponding board: Stater/ Ultimate (Orion) after connecting successfully. Then you can see when the sound is louder, the value which said by the panda is higher.
By the way, before you do the testing, please upgrade firmware first.


Many thanks.
doing the test, I have learned that the robot needs a sound that must be loud AND long. Clapping in hands is not sufficient.

Can you share the latest resources (website, books, … other supports) in french and in english for the Ranger ?
Do you know where I Can find them.

thank you