Mblock blockly on chromebook


So I bought mbot neo and found that’s its incompatible with mbot blocky app. Cool. I went and bought the mBot robot. I can get it to connect with my phone. I cannot get it to connect with the chromebook. I have 2 kids and 1 phone so using it on my mobile isn’t doable. They both have their own chromebooks. I even bought the USB dongles to try and connect but no good.

I am specifically talking about the Blockly app. The makeblock web does connect.


Hi there:

Due to the privacy policy of google now blocky might not compatible with your chrome,but it still work on your cellphone and iPad,


or Android Pad,BTW.


I"m having the same problem. Apparently this does not work on PCs. And mBlock Blockly is not supported anymore.


Are there any plans to make it work on chromebooks? Especially with pandemic, alot of people have chromebooks. My kids use chromebooks at school as well. The point being chromebooks are widely used!


We’ll feedback this problem to our PM,thank you for your advice.


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