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A previous thread referred to a workaround for mBlock Blockly app not having a line follower block. I’m new to this and cannot figure out how to adapt the example code. I’m trying to add this to a lesson for students and we have to use the app.


I understand the line following sensor checks both sides against “line/no line” and adjusts left and right to move along the line. How do you do this with the limit switch? Which movement block would you use and why? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I’m not sure that such a thing is possible with a limit switch…
The code look more like something that would be used for avoiding walls whenever a limit switch bumps into them.
I’d suggest you try the code because everyone says it works; maybe it’s a glitch where the app calls the line following sensors limit switches. If it doesn’t work, tell me. I’ll be glad to try to help you!

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mBlock for iPad: Line-Follower

Thank you for replying! That’s exactly what I thought. Could you suggest movement blocks to use? I’m having a difficult time imagining what I want to happen using the code as it is but replacing the light blocks.

I might just give up and hand all the info I have to my students. They always see things more interestingly than I can.


Hi boofuu,

I don’t use Blocky because I find it complicated. Is it for very small children? Personally, mBlock is closer to SCRATCH and switching to SCRATCH or LEGO will be easier with mBlock.

I can’t help with Blocky but I’m doing fine in mBlock



I’d prefer to use mBlock but we don’t have access to computers for this event and must use phones/tablets. I’ll probably just ditch the line following and present it when we can use laptops. Thanks for the feedback!


Hi boofuu,

Mblock 5 is available on tablets/phones. I find it easier and we are here to help. We can start with the basics. What age is it for?



Before we substitute moving blocks, test the code to make sure our assumptions are correct. If the Lights respond when the sensor detects different colors, it works, and we can go ahead and find out what moving block to use.

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That’s a good point. Thanks for reminding me to test all assumptions.


Yoooo, why didn’t I know that? I think you prevented my cheese from sliding straight off my cracker. I’ll just use mBlock! Thanks so much!



For mBlock, I remain available… it’s the software to know to start and go even further…


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