mBlock beta2 on Windows10 bluetooth not connecting to mBot Ranger


I purchased a mBot Ranger recently for my son. We assembled the land raider configuration and was playing with Android App. The mBot has a bluetooth module and app could connect to it. Today, we downloaded mBlock beta2 version. We are using a windows10 laptop. We turned on bluetooth in laptop. When we search for devices it shows MakeBlock_LE and MakeBlock. When we try to pair with MakeBlock_LE an error message is displayed “Try connecting your device again”. When we try to pair with MakeBlock, it shows some password. If we press connect, it gets paired. Then from the mBlock software, when we click connect, it could not find any device.
But if we connect using USB, it shows COM5 as the port and gets connected. Not sure how to connect through bluetooth. Any help would be appreciable.


In general, the Bluetooth is prepared for mobile apps. PCs need to use the USB cable. Try mBlock App - it’s fun!

Well, there is a workaround - download and install mBlock 3.4.11, and try with the Connect-Bluetooth in the menu.


I just downloaded 3.4.11 and bluetooth is working. But the scratch programming seems to be little difficult than the one possible in version 5. Wondering if there is any bug / different method to connect bluetooth using mBlock5.


Hello bigeyex,

you say mBlock 5 will only work with a USB cable. Does this mean it won’t work with the Makeblock 2.4 Ghz dongle like mBlock 3 does?




Hi PinkyPepper,

Currently, mBlock 5 doesn’t support the 2.4G connection, but it will support, please keep an eye.
If without USB cable, you can also buy the makeblock Bluetooth dongle which already supported by mBlock 5 for wireless connection.


Thanks for your reply. I am glad to hear the 2.4 Ghz dongel will be supported in the near future. I am very happy with how well this dongel works in mBlock 3 when you use five mBots or more with a group of children.

Okay, I keep using mBlock 3 untill mBlock 5 is supporting the 2.4 Ghz connection.

Greetings, PinkyPepper


Hello, is there any update on this? My Windows 10 laptop will not connect to the Rnager by Bluetooth.
Bluetooth connection to ‘Makeblock’ works but no connection to the bot is available in the connect menu. ‘Makeblock_LE’ connection by bluetooth doesn’t work - each time I get ‘Try connecting to your device again’. How do we get it to work?