mBlock app "create" problems


Thank God I found this app with the excellent tutorial; my students are finally making progress (now that we’ve ditched mBlockly).

After getting as far as they could in the tutorial, I’m having them do challenges using the “create” feature. But the only line follower command under sensing is “black line detected”: it doesn’t distinguish between the left and right sensors. Am I interpreting this correctly? Is there any way to add a command to the app?


See the workaround here:


Because the Bluetooth communication is too slow to order the robot to follow a line, the line follower sensor is removed from the current version. You may try an older app called “Blockly for mBot”. The future version of mBlock will keep close to the desktop version, thus probably will add the block back.


I wish that would happen soon. With the workaround of Andreas (instead of taking LED motion blocks), it is sufficient if you install during the movements times (because of Bluetooth). It jerks, but it works.